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MOOW is Social-Fi & Lifestyle App with Move-To-Earn elements

You can play any sport activity with MOOW app to earn crypto!

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Connect your pulse tracking device and start sport activity

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You can do any sport activity to earn crypto

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Check your pulse activity

spend stored energy and Claim tokens

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Upgrade your tracker attributes

Level up to earn more tokens

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10 000 unique Genesis NFTs


Partners and Investors

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Q1 2023

Pulse Trackers Minting

Updated Tokenomics and Earnings system - Progressive Minting Cost + TICTAC Balancer

Art NFT collecting features

MOO PFP Collection Series 1


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Q2 2023

$TAC token sale (relies on the market conditions)

DEX or CEX listing (relies on the market conditions)

On-chain NFT and Marketplace

Open Beta Launch

Closed Alpha progress is transferred to Open Beta


Q3 2023

Social-Fi Network features


Web2 physical product announcement

A new gaming mode

Q4 2023

Science-Fi features

DAO constructor for guilds

MOOW SDK for ecosystem products


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