Meet MOO!

MOO is the MOOW Mascot

and a key character in the


MOO was born on 26 December 2022

as Genesis PFP.

29 Genesis MOOs designed by

Misha Libertee met their owners

for the first time as a reward

for the great contribution

to MOOW development.

MOOs are spreading! The public

Series 1 Collection by Misha

Libertee is coming!

111 Brand New MOOs are coming

to empower their owners!

MOOs from Series 1 are not

just cool pictures. Theirutilityis much



What about a huge boost in MOOW? All the MOO

owners will be airdropped with Pulse Box! The

most lucky MOO Holders will receive Hype and

Rare Pulse Boxes. Check your traits!

Progress to Public

If you are actively testing MOOW at this moment,

that is what you need! Your progress will be

transferred to the Public MOOW version with the

highest coefficient!

Pulse Tracker by you!

What about leaving a mark on the history of

MOOW forever? You will be able to create your

OWN Pulse Tracker NFT design with Misha

Libertee's support!

Early Access

Is it cool to touch something before everyone

else? You will get it with MOO! All the Holders

have access to the MOOW version with super early


No ads in MOOW Game

MOOW game is coming to create real

monetization for MOOW through ads!

But if you are a Holders, no ads for you.

Whitelists guaranteed

MOOW is preparing tons of valuable content and

sales. Be first in line!

Discord Role & Private Chat

What about private news and discussions?

MOO is opening them to its holders!

All Genesis MOOs will have the

sameutilityas Series 1 MOOs!

A Man from the Star


Bad MF


By Cybertee 1


By Cybertee 2


By Cybertee 3


By Cybertee 4


By Cybertee 5








Hero in a Half Shell


How Do You Like This?


Ice & Fire






Libertee 2021


Libertee 2022


Madame X


NY Snow


NY Gift Wrap



Mint date



0.9 BNB


111 NFTs

Sale access

Whitelist 2 per wallet

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Will MOO Series 2 come?

Definitely, yes! Series 2

is coming to bring brand

new features and utility!


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onDiscordand ask anything!

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